Our Story

Daniil Kostovetskiy,
Owner & Head Coach

"A Tale of 3 Dreamers"

The story of Emilia's actually starts in the Ukraine. After years of serving as a top athlete and coach in his home country, Daniil Kostovetskiy came to America in 1991 with two small children and a suitcase, ready to create his American Dream.

He began to build his acrobatics team in a country that had barely heard of acrobatics at the time. Starting with just 4 students on his team, he and his children grew his family business into the gymnastics training center it is today. He has served as tumbling coach for Olympic Gymnast Dominique Dawes and has earned the coveted title of Master of Sport for acrobatics in this country.

Our highly respected staff share his work ethic, generating an atmosphere of success and caring. The family, and those who have become family, are still heavily involved in the business, taking pride in serving the community and training minds and bodies through acrobatics and gymnastics.

Malia O'Neill,

Lacey Glascoe,

Taylor Gamber,

Oxsana Zabelina,

Simon Tutberidze
Acrobatics Coach

Elena Arakalyn,
Acrobatics Coach, Choreographer

Genevieve Jones,
Office Manager

Yuri Kostovetskiy,